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When you buy 3 books of The Dream Machine, you will gain access to Dane’s signature Corporate Dreams Workshop on October 16, 2021. This is the first time Dane has opened his Dreams Workshop free to the public — regularly valued at $5000. The time is now… Join Dane in October and see how you can implement your very own Dream System.

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Order 3 copies and get free access to Dane’s Dreams Workshop:

Join Dane’s signature Corporate Dreams Workshop this fall. This workshop has never been offered for free to the public, but Dane is excited to share with you what others are raving about!

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Get on a call with Dane for a free 60-minute strategy session where he can help design a custom Dreams workshop for you and your team.

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Are you interested in finding out what the Dreams System can do for your business? Dane offers bespoke packages for corporate partners so you and your employees can implement your own Dreams System. From facilitation trainings to 12-month programs, Dane will work alongside you and your employees to improve company culture, increase engagement, passion, and employee happiness, and as a result – revenue! 

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Dane Espegard has a unique and successful approach in which he develops a growth-minded culture within businesses and organizations of all sizes. Many of the Management Performance Consultants and Leadership Gurus teach us that culture comes from the top down. However, Dane Espegard’s methodology shows us that, in fact, culture is driven from the bottom up, showing companies and it’s employees that everyone plays a key role. 

Dane has 15+ years of experience in management in the Direct Sales industry, where he developed his Dreams System to increase employee engagement, retention and fulfillment. In his career, he has made an impact on the lives of his employees who now live a more fulfilled, happier, and engaged life—at work and at home.


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