How to become a better problem solver with the Dreams System

Learning to Problem Solve with the Dreams System

One of the things I love about the Dreams System is that it teaches people to become better problem solvers. In life we are constantly confronted with problems: in relationships, work, family, finances, etc. It’s inevitable that we will face problems, to think otherwise can be a problem in itself.

When we avoid problems, we don’t become any better at handling them.

But when we become better problem solvers, we develop a crucial life skill. We grow our capacity to handle more. And handle it more efficiently than the previous version of ourselves. 

The Dreams System is an opportunity for individuals to become better at solving problems. And it’s such a positive experience that they often don’t realize that they’re solving problems at all. Why? Because it’s framed in a totally different way. Oftentimes, problem solving can feel somewhat negative.

The word ‘problem’ alone evokes feelings of anxiety or stress. But in the Dreams System, it takes on a totally different feel. 

Whether we recognize it or not, when we set out to accomplish a dream, there are many things that we need to solve, questions we need to answer. How are we going to do it? When is it going to happen? What resources do we need to accomplish it? But because we’re excited by the prospect of accomplishing the dream itself, we happily and excitedly work through whatever is needed to make achieving our dream a reality.

Learn more about how the Dreams System helps us to be better problem solvers here: 

Oftentimes, our current standing doesn’t align with the dream we’re looking to achieve, whether it’s because of finances, time, or position. When this happens, we have to work towards a solution the same way we would at work or at home. That said, when I instituted the Dreams System within my organization, I began to see my team members become better and better problem solvers. 

This was especially on display when we were confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The pandemic required us to change the way we ran our business. Within our team and our organization, we addressed these necessary shifts in our workplace quickly and efficiently. Our team had been practicing the innovation of pivoting and charging for new goals for years, in both our businesses and in our personal lives. 

Not only is this influential in my business organization, but at home as well. 

I think of the benefits my children have received by engaging with dreams. They have been able to repeatedly see that with some problem solving, an abundance mindset, and the tool kit the Dreams System provides, any goal is attainable.

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