The Impact of Dreams

One of my primary goals of The Dream Machine was for my readers to see the impact of dreams. I wanted them to feel empowered and confident that the Dreams Program is something they could easily implement in their own organization. I wanted to give them an A-Z guide on how to build retention in their team through dream achievement.

In my own organization, it has been incredible to see my team having conversations about their dreams and not just what their sales quota is or what they’ve gotten done this week or this month.

This has been especially important during COVID, when people are more often feeling stuck in the uncertainty of their futures (and even sometimes their day-to-day). Instead of feeling stuck, people in my organization have been able to keep their focus on the future and continue to check dreams off their lists. It has had a massive impact on our retention.

The Dreams Concept shifts one’s inner thoughts from “I’m living to work” to “I’m working to live.”

This allows for more  impactful conversations with team members and the opportunity to focus on who they are as individuals instead of struggling with how to engage with them outside of strictly work-related topics.

I recently got an opportunity to be a guest on The Lifestyle Investor, a podcast by an old colleague and friend Justin Donald. During our chat I was able to dive in on how this program has made such a difference in my organization throughout the last few years. 

Want to take a listen? Check out our conversation on the Impact of Dreams here: 

How could diving in with the Dreams Program make an impact in your organization? 

Tailoring the Dreams Program to each individual organization makes sense, and everyone’s application looks a little different. However, the best part of this program is that it’s incredibly adaptable and can be easily implemented in any team environment. I haven’t met a team yet that isn’t excited about what this program could do for them! 

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