Organic Growth in the Dreams System

There are a lot of cultures and operating systems within our organizations that need constant monitoring and planning. That’s not how the Dreams System works. The Dreams System moves as fast as the biggest dreamers on the team. 

You might ask, “Do I even have a ‘biggest dreamer’ on my team?” You do. 

When team leaders or CEO’s say “Hey, we’re going to do this Dreams Exercise,” there are often some team members that are hesitant. However, in doing these workshops, I’ve realized that by end everyone has enjoyed themselves and their response is that this wasn’t a normal goal-setting exercise. 

There are also always individuals on the team that have been waiting for something like this. 

During the workshop, they often make big lists and move quickly. They have no issue brainstorming and work abundantly throughout the exercises. And when they take action on the event, it’s not just on one thing. Normally once they’ve accomplished the first thing, they move quickly on to the second and third.

The CEO at one of my workshops last November, Jason, was very excited because he closely identifies with the Dreams Workshop on a personal level. After the workshop, he reached out to me to let me know their fastest dreamer had already accomplished 18 dreams in the first 60 day after the event. Wow! 

This individual’s life has now changed, and now that team has a leader. Learn more here: 

Spotlighting is regular recognition of those who are accomplishing their dreams. 

Spotlighting does 2 things; first, it shows that you really value the members on your team for who they are outside of work. Second, it allows that spotlighted individual to feel encouraged and continue on with their dreams. It’s a really helpful nudge to other people on the team that says, “Hey, remember that Dreams List?” 

When the act of spotlighting brings dreams to the forefront again, everyone else gets a little inspiration to return to their list. And that’s one way this Dreams System can continue to grow organically within your organization.

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