Dreaming is FUN

One of the best things about the dreams lifestyle? Well, simply put: dreaming is FUN. That might sound fairly elementary, but it gets overlooked a lot. I speak a lot on how dreams are important in the workplace, for purposes of engagement, retention and productivity.  But really the intent behind dreaming is to create a life of fulfillment and to enjoy the time we have. 

As we age, life gets more complex. 

There are more family expectancies and financial obligations, relationships continue to grow and can get more complicated. Months, even years begin to blend together versus the time-free carelessness people experience in younger years when they can do what they’d like, when they’d like. 

Living a life centered around dreams doesn’t unlock an abundance of time, we still have obligations and things that are pointed at our time. But it does allow us to ask the question, “How can I do this?” By asking that question, we can always find an answer. We can always figure out how to create time for something important to us. 

Dreams are important to me; therefore, fun is important to me.

When I say, “dreaming is fun,” I am inferring more than it being an amusing activity. When I’m focused on accomplishing my dreams, I’m off-self and on-purpose. I’m a better father, husband, and better and more engaged at work when I am taking the time to have fun in life. 

When I think about how stress can get to me, I ask myself, “What do I need to do to alleviate it?” It all comes down to outlets and opportunities- not just to work towards something, but actually accomplish it and to feel great in that moment. We need to enjoy it. 

Ready to have more FUN with the Dreams Lifestyle? Check out my video: 

Explore your dreams list.

Ask yourself, “What’s something that’s really fun that I can accomplish in the coming months?” Perhaps it’s reconnecting with a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time, or going to see live music, or going on a short trip. What things are important to you that will allow you to harken back to a place of excitement and childlike joy?

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