Dreaming With Your Spouse

Dreaming with your spouse is a wonderful way to get started in the Dreams Program. I speak often about dreaming in the workplace, because that’s where the concept was born for me. However, when it came time to dive in and make this a part of my identity, my wife Brookelynn was really the one who started it with me. We decided to lead by example and do the Dreams Program together, and since then it has continually allowed both of us to be focused on growth. 

Progress is happiness. 

The best progress is progressing with your partner. When one person in a relationship commits to growth and the other doesn’t, it can cause the relationship to strain. While my wife and I are wired completely differently, the Dreams Concept gives us common language that brings consistency in our personal growth and development. 

Benefits to dreaming with your spouse:

  • The Dreams Program changes conversations from the every-day to more long term. There’s a focus on “what’s next” that creates feelings of excitement and anticipation in the relationship. 
  • There is continued focus on oneself and personal growth/development as an individual. This allows each partner to support the other in their own quests for growth, because it serves each person’s individual fulfillment. (And who doesn’t want their spouse to feel more fulfilled, right?) 
  • Dreaming together keeps things fresh. When partners experience things together for the first time or learn something new together that they haven’t before, It makes it easier not to fall into the monotony of daily life and to do the same things over and over again. 
  • When you dream it lets the other person in. The program allows partners to come together and create a game plan for what dreams they would like to accomplish together. 
  • Being on the same page provides financial alignment. People in relationships often have different ideas for how to spend their money. When couples work together on shared dreams, they focus on how to find ways to fulfill them financially together. 

Ready to dive deeper? Check out this video.

The journey of pursuing dreams with a partner will allow you to go deeper together. 

I believe that dreaming together keeps a marriage growing together. Most of the dreams-centered work I do is with businesses, but I often get questioned regarding how someone can make a dreams list when it hasn’t been integrated into their workplace culture. There are a lot of different ways to do it, but dreaming with your spouse or partner is a wonderful way to come up with new ideas for where you want your relationship to go next.

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