Empowerment Through Pursuing Your Dreams

Personal empowerment is a really influential aftereffect of the Dreams Culture. I’ve witnessed at my own work place that in accomplishing and pursuing their dreams, my team members experience an increased amount of self-confidence and self-empowerment. Going after your dreams is another form of goal-setting, and nearly every occupation requires goal setting. There’s a constant need to reach an objective and a question of how best to achieve it. This type of culture is all about growth and improvement. 

The Dreams Concept is built around this exact phenomenon.

It just has a more personalized flavor directed toward impacting the individual. Increasing an individual’s ability to set and conceptualize goals in their personal life will also increase their confidence to do the same in their workplace.  For example, someone makes their dream list which contains 200-300 things and they start going through the process of selecting what they would most like to see themselves get done. They start to do the same thing in their workplace and take action towards work goals. 

When someone goes after a dream, a series of continued actions are required to achieve it.

First, they have to make a decision as to what their dream is. They have to plan it out and do the research for it. Then, they have to make a commitment to the steps and actions required to achieve it. Finally, they have the feeling of accomplishing said dream. This leads to a higher level of empowerment and inner confidence, because they now believe that they can do the things they set out to do. As people start to accomplish some of the smaller things on their dreams list, they start to take on the larger items and increase the size of their objectives. 

Want the full low-down on empowerment through dreams? Check out my video. 

The best part about this is that it slowly shifts the individual from a more passive, sometimes victim’s mentality to a mentality of extreme ownership.

This unexpected result is something I’ve seen time and time again over the years. After going through this process, people recognize that everything in their life is a direct result of what they’ve done, achieved, or decided on. If an organization has an employee or team member that leads by living life from a place of extreme ownership, it can have massively positive ramifications in their work culture.   

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