Gift Giving with the Dreams Program

When it comes to giving gifts in a workplace or in an organization, it’s typically done to show appreciation and/or gratitude. But think about how often you’ve gotten a gift from someone and thought to yourself, “Oh, that’s nice” and then don’t really think about it again. 

Gifts, while well intentioned, can often miss the mark. 

The dollars invested on that gift don’t necessarily mean that it does what’s intended, which is to really show that person that you care for and appreciate them. Gift giving with the dreams system takes this to a whole new level. It’s like having a cheat sheet in front of you full of ideas that would make the perfect gift.  

Once your team has made their Dreams Lists, you can use them to look through and determine what would be a great gift.

Even better, you can be certain that the dollars you’re spending on that gift will be completely fruitful and achieve your intended purpose. Not only is this great for smaller holiday or appreciation gifts, but I’ve been able to utilize Dreams Lists to give larger gifts as well. They are incredibly useful for lifetime achievement awards and accomplishments of that nature. Maybe it’s gifting a trip or vacation, or even a health item on someone’s list.

I love seeing the health items on lists because you can find a gift that not only shows appreciation, but can keep your employee healthy and more energetic in the workplace. You can say, “Hey to show our appreciation, I saw on your dreams list that you want to do a Tough Mudder. I did some research and there’s one coming to town in a few months. If you want, I’d love to split the price of admission with you so you can do that.” This is a great way to not only show appreciation for the individual, but also support for their health and their dreams, which can go a long way! 

Looking to make a bigger impact with your gifts? Check out my video:

By using your team’s Dreams Lists, you can really go for that “Wow Factor” with gift giving. 

The real key to this is getting the list. Keeping communication open and encouraging, but not demanding. Be transparent.  Let them know that (if they’re comfortable with it) you’d like to access their list so you can get them something that is heartfelt and really shows your gratitude.

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