Keeping the Dream Alive: Team Member’s Dreams

Getting involved in the creation of your team member’s dreams lists is a great first step in my Dreams Program. However, there are more necessary steps to take if you really want it to become part of the fabric of your organization. If you’re in a leadership position and your company has placed a focus on creating a culture centered on dreams, the next step in building and solidifying the program is getting access to your team member’s dreams lists. 

As a leader, these lists can give you an inside look at what will best motivate the individuals on your team.

When you gain access to their lists it enhances your ability to help them achieve their dreams. This is impactful whether it’s finding ways to encourage and motivate them, or just checking in to see if they’re crossing items off their list regularly.

It’s important to remember that when your company sets up contests, awards, or gifts there’s a purpose behind those dollars; they’re either meant to drive activity or show appreciation to an individual. When you have access to your team member’s dreams lists, it’s a great way to give gifts and awards confidently, because you know it will be well received by the members of your team.

 Having access to team member’s dreams lists builds accountability with them.

More importantly, it builds accountability through encouragement and without pressure. Just having a leader approach them in a positive and supportive way with the question, “Hey, how is that dream going?” is a reminder to have their own internal conversations and check-ins to track how they are doing and what they still want to accomplish. And remember, this isn’t meant to be obligatory- it’s just a reminder to them that because you have access to their dreams lists, they’ll always have someone in their corner who will help them stay accountable to their dreams. 

Looking for more ways to engage your team? Check out my video. 

Bonus tip: It is also beneficial to view your team member’s spouses’ and parter’s lists.

When you get the full picture of their relationship by way of their dreams lists, it helps you gain more personalized knowledge about your team and improve your ability to give the perfect gift or show appreciation. Remember that when your team members work hard and dedicate themselves to the company vision, their partners at home are impacted, too. What better way to show your true appreciation than to offer an experience, material gift, etc. that will also excite the people who support your team members at home. 

When you do this, partners and spouses will begin to view the company more favorably, which is incredibly beneficial when you’re asking your team members to go above and beyond. Instead of partners at home feeling slighted when your team members have to invest extra time at work, they are supportive and encouraging because they know that you are committed to helping them achieve their dreams as a couple.

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