Lead By Example with the Dreams Program

One question I get frequently is, “If I wanted to start this Dreams Program on my team, where do I start?” It’s simple- the first step is you living authentically out loud. You need to lead by example! This is an easy enough concept to grasp, but it may feel challenging in practice. 

If you’re like me, you may initially feel a little uncomfortable sharing your dreams- maybe you’re concerned that you’d be coming across as boastful about your accomplishments (especially when the people around you might not have had the same opportunities). 

The key here is to look at this through a different lens: In order to be, we need to see.

If I want to inspire other people to live the life of their dreams, I’ve got to be invested in doing that myself. If I want other people to create a dreams list, I should also create a dreams list. I need to lead by example and model what it looks like to cross things off the list. 

Vulnerability is key.

I’m most impacted by someone in the workplace when they’re sharing and opening up to me. I need to be able to show my team that it’s okay to take time off for a trip or a life-changing experience, to work really hard for something and enjoy it when it pays off.  It’s not boasting, it’s sharing. It’s being transparent and relatable.

I can now share the details on my latest trip, experience, or investment without feeling badly because my team is excited that I am able to cross it off of my list. It allows me to be guilt-free when I have to take time from work to check a dream off my list and need their support in order to do so. 

Want to learn more? Check out this video:

If you’re a leader on any team, I want to encourage you to take the first step- lead by example and create your own dreams list and sharing your experiences with your team. 

What happens next? A growing curiosity among the people in your organization. As their curiosity grows, you can bring them into the whole program. Now they too will be excited to create and grow their lists, thus creating a thriving dreams culture within your business.

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