Living with Intention in the Dreams Program

I often talk about “living life by design.” What this really means is living with intention. Living with intention requires us to get clear on what we want out of life. When we do this, we are able to direct our lives and take action on what will get us closer to what we desire.

Most people end up in a cycle where they live their lives passively. They take what comes along- whether that’s in their relationships with family and friends, or even more commonly, in their careers. Why? Because this is what they see everyone else doing. When there is no example of how to live differently, it’s really easy to follow the status quo. 

Unfortunately, adhering to the status quo doesn’t allow for you to think specifically about what YOU might want your life to look like.

Truly living with intention requires us to look beyond the status quo.

It requires us to visualize something for ourselves that is completely unique to us. By nature this vision won’t look like anyone else’s, because what’s most happy and fulfilling looks different for every person. 

Oftentimes when we think about life, we tell ourselves that we “don’t know where the time went.” When we follow the status quo, this makes sense! Because we’re not taking action with a specific goal or vision in mind, we’re not living with intention. Add to that the daily responsibilities of family, careers, maintaining a household, and it’s easy not to take time to think about the bigger picture. 

In my Dreams Program, we take that time. 

I ask the question, “What if every action you took, and all the decisions you made, lined up with a future- a life by design- you were truly excited about?” 

How would you respond to that question? When you think about what your life and your future could be, what do you see? What do you want? Write it out! That’s what a Dreams List is.

In its entirety, your Dreams List is a vision that you can actively work towards. When you work with this future lifestyle in mind, you’ll start to make decisions differently and put yourself in the driver’s seat. By living with intention, you’ll find that instead of things happening to you, they’ll happen for you and you’ll start to see the pieces of your envisioned future fall into place.

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