The Art of Dream Stealing

It might sound taboo, but dream stealing is a welcomed part of my dreams system. A better name would probably be “dream sharing.” When I started doing this exercise at my Dreams Retreats, it was initially included to be a fun and briefly interactive activity. And while it was definitely fun, I quickly realized that dream stealing actually accomplished a few key things that were extremely impactful to the overall program.

First, dream stealing allows people to share their own dreams.

It’s really cool to see what items people choose to share. Every time dreams are shared out loud they become a little more real. 

The second thing that happens is just as important-

Once a dream is shared, the group will respond with support.

This is important because many times it’s a lot easier to support other people than to support ourselves. When someone shares their dreams and the group members respond with positivity and encouragement, they will organically find themselves in a supportive abundance mindset which actually helps them in their own process and makes them feel more confident in their ability to achieve their own dreams. 


We hear dreams that someone else has written down, and we write them down on our own list. That helps to create an even larger list of dreams. I’ve run many Dreams Retreats and this exercise is still one of my favorites because I still get to hear dreams I’ve never heard before and add them to my list. 

Want the low-down on dream stealing? Watch this:

A great result of the dream stealing exercise? The bond that develops within the sharing group.

Whether the individuals are in a common department, office, or team, each person in the sharing group will express vulnerability by sharing dreams that they usually haven’t verbalized to anyone else yet.

Through this process, personal relationships in the workplace become deeper.

Rather than just knowing surface-level details, people know each other’s objectives and dreams. And, because they were all together when making the decision to put these dreams on their lists, it’s easier to encourage each other’s pursuits. 

The best part of dream stealing? It’s something that you can do not only at one of my Dreams Retreats, but in your own small group, at home, in your relationships, family, and also in the workplace. 

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