The Dreams List Vs. The Bucket List

I frequently get asked the question, “What is the difference between a Dreams List and a Bucket List?” While they share similarities, they are different in a few key ways. 

My first journey with dreams started back in 2007 when I was introduced to the concept by Matthew Kelly. He was a phenomenal speaker and facilitated my first ever experience with a Dreams List. I was so excited to incorporate my Dreams List, however, after creating the list, it ended up stored away on my computer for four or five years before I gave it another look. 

Fast forward 5 years to the next time I looked at it, which was in 2012. I was going through some changes at work at the time and I decided to readdress and adjust my list. I changed it, looked back at some of the things I had accomplished since it’s original creation, and added a bunch of new things that were exciting to me. This gave me some new energy that carried with me throughout the next year. 

From then on, working on my Dreams List became an annual ritual.

Each year I reevaluate and consider my Dreams List when I’m looking at my calendar and making plans for the upcoming year. All of this goes under the principle of living life by design. Too often, people say, “where did the time go?” or “time went by so fast” and just live day to day, week to week, month to month. That’s why living life by design matters. When there is something in my calendar that’s one or two months away, it builds my excitement to move forward and heightens my anticipation of what that time will bring. 

When I’m living life by design with my Dreams List, I have a menu to choose from on how I am going to make things happen this year. 

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A bucket list is more like a manifestation of the things I’m going to do when I’m older.

Things I’ll do later on in life when I’m retired and have more time. But a Dreams List is something that you can change and add to regularly, that contains things you are actively pursuing and accomplishing throughout your life. 

I’m excited for you to build your list, expand it, and use it to help live the life of your dreams!

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