What is the Dreams Mindset?

You’re probably already familiar with what’s called a “growth mindset”. If you’re like me, it means that you stay up-to-date by reading personal growth books, listening to podcasts, attending personal growth seminars, etc.

And afterwards you feel really good, right?

But it’s not long before you find yourself reverting back to your old ways. Then, something sparks a renewed interest in diving back into growth again, and the cycle continues… get some books, listen to some podcasts, have short-lived impact, and return to previous routines.

This “peaks and valleys” relationship with growth is super common- and that’s where the Dreams Mindset comes in.

The Dreams Mindset drives a deeper purpose than the growth mindset alone.

When you create a list of your dreams, it gives you literally hundreds of reasons to grow. And most importantly, it keeps you focused on doing more in life – not for just one small window of time or for one goal – but for everything beyond.

When I was in the cycle of peaks and valleys, I was solely focused on the next result and was addicted to climbing that ever-tempting ladder of promotions. I wasn’t focused on “why am I doing this?” and was therefore experiencing frequent burnouts and setbacks in my quest for sustained growth. But after I created a list of things I was excited about being, achieving, doing, seeing? I had a much deeper sense of purpose and a more profound “why” behind what I was doing. The Dreams Mindset became my 2.0 version of the growth mindset I had been working to establish.

Ready to dive deeper? Check out this video:

This is why I love the Dreams Mindset.

There is never a shortage of motivation. It not only drives me, but also changes how I engage with the people on my team. If I know what’s on their dreams lists, my interactions are no longer just surface-level conversations that consist of the usual, “You should grow your business for the sake of growing your business.” They are instead focused on bettering their lives.

And after all, what could be more motivating than that?

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