Why the Dreams Focus Matters Now

Why is having a Dreams Focus so important right now? Mental health, here in the US and globally, has been at an all-time low this past year due to the challenges of the pandemic. Many people haven’t been able to move forward with their lives and haven’t been driven to achieve their dreams during the pandemic. I once heard it said that ‘progress is happiness’ and I often feel that progress is only truly happening when I’m moving forward. 

Working towards something means I can keep my focus “off self” and “on purpose.”

Then I can truly focus outwardly on achieving my goals, which can make a huge difference in mental health. Our entire world shifted and changed this past year and many people lost purpose. The Dreams Focus allows people to continually have something on the calendar, something to work towards and look forward to (regardless of what’s happening in the world).  

From the perspective of an organization or a business, the Dreams Focus is also important when you take into account what’s happening in today’s economy. I look at the Dreams Focus as an absolute X-factor in the workplace. 

Many people are reevaluating their career paths during an unprecedented year that allowed more time for reflection. 

Coming out of the pandemic, a lot of people are looking for a better work-life balance. It would also be naive to ignore the fact that many people are leaving their jobs because of the current proliferation of job openings and they’re going after greener pastures.

Want the low-down on the Dreams Focus? Watch this: 

People want to move forward. 

When we think about that, we have to ask ourselves, “What makes an organization more attractive to its workers?” The Dreams Focus has allowed our organization to retain individuals because they know our focus is not just about what they produce, but it’s about the big picture. A big picture where they’re moving forward and progressing as a person.

When someone has that mentality, conversations become focused on work as part of the individual instead of work being the individual. This is an important discernment organizations can make that will not only help with retention of their current workers, but also in attracting new talent to the team.

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