Why We Need Dreamers

Dreaming isn’t just a fun hobby. Workplaces, and the world at large, need dreamers. They need people who think big and chase their wild, inspired ideas. 

Why? Because positive movement happens when people work with purpose. They re­-engage with life. This is true whether their dream is as big as purchasing their first home, retiring by age 40, or as minor as making their bed every day for a month (something I have yet to master). 

Purpose allows people to have a deeper sense of fulfillment in the work they do. 

They feel fulfilled because their work is now contributing to a larger vision they have for their lives. Remember, people don’t have a personal life and a work life. They have one life. Everything is intertwined. If a workplace helps its employees create purpose in their lives, it will improve their mental disposition and they will view their workplace more favorably. Considering people spend so much of their lives at work, when they look upon it positively and are fulfilled in what they are doing, they will show up with more regard for what they do and how the company performs at large. 

We need dreamers because they think differently. 

Think for a moment about what I mean when I say “differently”… when a person views their company as a catalyst to live the life of their dreams, they are thinking with an abundance mindset. They are thinking about what’s possible instead of working from a place of scarcity, telling themselves “I need this job so that I can pay my bills and take care of mine and my family’s needs.” 

This progressive mindset is a gift. When people within a workplace think abundantly, they work with more vigor, focus, and clarity. And in today’s world, businesses need to innovate fast. They need dreamers because they need teams run by people who think big and understand where they fit into the company mission. 

Dreams do this. They wake people up to ever increasing levels of what’s possible. 

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