Take Action With the Dreams System

To take action on our dreams is important, but sometimes the first step is unclear. When someone asks me how they should get started with dreaming, my answer is simple; accomplish one dream. If you want to live a life of accomplishing your dreams, it’s as simple as accomplishing one. When you take action, it […]

Learning to Problem Solve with the Dreams System

How to become a better problem solver with the Dreams System

One of the things I love about the Dreams System is that it teaches people to become better problem solvers. In life we are constantly confronted with problems: in relationships, work, family, finances, etc. It’s inevitable that we will face problems, to think otherwise can be a problem in itself. When we avoid problems, we […]

Organic Growth in the Dreams System

There are a lot of cultures and operating systems within our organizations that need constant monitoring and planning. That’s not how the Dreams System works. The Dreams System moves as fast as the biggest dreamers on the team. You might ask, “Do I even have a ‘biggest dreamer’ on my team?” You do. When team […]

Why Your Degree Doesn’t Dictate Your Career

In my business, I am constantly reminded of the pressure young people feel regarding their college degree and how that will dictate their future career. And it makes sense… when we go to high school, we’re told to do well so we can go to college. When we get to college, we are immediately (or […]

The Impact of Dreams

One of my primary goals of The Dream Machine was for my readers to see the impact of dreams. I wanted them to feel empowered and confident that the Dreams Program is something they could easily implement in their own organization. I wanted to give them an A-Z guide on how to build retention in […]

Dreaming is FUN

One of the best things about the dreams lifestyle? Well, simply put: dreaming is FUN. That might sound fairly elementary, but it gets overlooked a lot. I speak a lot on how dreams are important in the workplace, for purposes of engagement, retention and productivity.  But really the intent behind dreaming is to create a […]

Gift Giving with the Dreams Program

When it comes to giving gifts in a workplace or in an organization, it’s typically done to show appreciation and/or gratitude. But think about how often you’ve gotten a gift from someone and thought to yourself, “Oh, that’s nice” and then don’t really think about it again.  Gifts, while well intentioned, can often miss the […]

Empowerment Through Pursuing Your Dreams

Personal empowerment is a really influential aftereffect of the Dreams Culture. I’ve witnessed at my own work place that in accomplishing and pursuing their dreams, my team members experience an increased amount of self-confidence and self-empowerment. Going after your dreams is another form of goal-setting, and nearly every occupation requires goal setting. There’s a constant […]

Dreaming with Your Kids

In my book, The Dream Machine, I spend time discussing the implications and application of Dreams within work settings. But what about dreaming at home, with your spouse, or dreaming with your kids? In my many Dream-Storming Workshops and Dreams Retreats, I’ve noticed that younger individuals seem to have an easier time with the whole […]

The Dreams List Vs. The Bucket List

I frequently get asked the question, “What is the difference between a Dreams List and a Bucket List?” While they share similarities, they are different in a few key ways. My first journey with dreams started back in 2007 when I was introduced to the concept by Matthew Kelly. He was a phenomenal speaker and […]


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