Why the Dreams Focus Matters Now

Why is having a Dreams Focus so important right now? Mental health, here in the US and globally, has been at an all-time low this past year due to the challenges of the pandemic. Many people haven’t been able to move forward with their lives and haven’t been driven to achieve their dreams during the […]

Keeping the Dream Alive: Team Member’s Dreams

Getting involved in the creation of your team member’s dreams lists is a great first step in my Dreams Program. However, there are more necessary steps to take if you really want it to become part of the fabric of your organization. If you’re in a leadership position and your company has placed a focus […]

Dreaming With Your Spouse

Dreaming with your spouse is a wonderful way to get started in the Dreams Program. I speak often about dreaming in the workplace, because that’s where the concept was born for me. However, when it came time to dive in and make this a part of my identity, my wife Brookelynn was really the one […]

Living with Intention in the Dreams Program

I often talk about “living life by design.” What this really means is living with intention. Living with intention requires us to get clear on what we want out of life. When we do this, we are able to direct our lives and take action on what will get us closer to what we desire. […]

Why We Need Dreamers

Dreaming isn’t just a fun hobby. Workplaces, and the world at large, need dreamers. They need people who think big and chase their wild, inspired ideas. Why? Because positive movement happens when people work with purpose. They re­-engage with life. This is true whether their dream is as big as purchasing their first home, retiring […]

The Difference Between Dreams and Goals

How are dreams and goals different? To put it simply- a dream goes beyond a goal. A goal is generally smaller, it’s planned out, calculated, and designed to be attainable. That said, all too often we set goals that are too small, the bar for success is set too low. I’ve helped people set goals […]

The 4 Values of A Growth-Minded Team

All team cultures have a set of guiding principles that reinforce the way each person on the team operates; a set of rules that keep the culture intact. That said, the key to establishing a growth-minded team is to make sure that the culture is based in a set of positive tenets that will create […]

The Art of Dream Stealing

It might sound taboo, but dream stealing is a welcomed part of my dreams system. A better name would probably be “dream sharing.” When I started doing this exercise at my Dreams Retreats, it was initially included to be a fun and briefly interactive activity. And while it was definitely fun, I quickly realized that […]

Creating Your Dreams List

This won’t surprise you, but my favorite part of the entire Dreams Program is helping someone create their own dreams list. When I made my first dreams list, I remember how empowered and uplifted I felt. It was so freeing to be given the space to eliminate defeating thoughts like, “I don’t think I’ll have […]

Lead By Example with the Dreams Program

One question I get frequently is, “If I wanted to start this Dreams Program on my team, where do I start?” It’s simple- the first step is you living authentically out loud. You need to lead by example! This is an easy enough concept to grasp, but it may feel challenging in practice. If you’re like […]


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